What does my child need to play?

Parker Pop Warner will hold 2 Jersey fittings prior to the beginning of the season and will be ordering jerseys for your child. Jerseys must be ordered 7 weeks before the first game; late registrations will not get a personalized jersey. Numbers are assigned by the coaches who will do their best to match each child with their first number choice. 

Additional required equipment per Pop Warner Regulations: 

  • White Helmet with gray face mask. Wolfpack stickers will be provided by your coach. If your helmet is 2+ years old it will need to be recertified.

  • Practice jersey (game jersey's should not be worn for practice)

  • Practice Football Pants

  • Shoulder pads (also less than 2 years old)

  • Colored, tethered mouth guard x2. The second one should be provided to your coach in a labeled ziplock bag.

  • Football or soccer cleats with NO metal.

  • Compression shorts/pants and/or athletic supporter

  • Larger water bottle (long straw type recommended for ease) labeled with your child's name.

Optional additional equipment- Check with your child's coach before purchasing additional items.

  • Gloves

  • Compression shirt

  • Helmet shield (only a clear shield is permitted for concussion assessment)

  • Rib protector

 Parker Pop Warner is excited to be partnering with Dick's Sporting Goods at Arapahoe and Parker RD! They will provide a football package and other fantastic discounts to Pop Warner Families. Please stay turned for those event dates. ​ ​


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